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Hi!  I am Laurie Dyer.  I am a kindergarten teacher who is CRAZY about her job!  Teaching is my passion.  I am here to help you make your primary classroom fun and interactive for your kiddos while giving you back your time.  When you are not stressed out over planning time, your students are engaged, and your students' needs are being met through differentiated activities, you will find (or recapture) your passion for teaching.  You, me, and your kiddos are all going to have FUN together as we all get more play time in our lives!

Professionally, I have been teaching in the same public school in Virginia for a little over TWENTY years. Talking about time, where did the time go?  It sure does pass quickly when you are having FUN!  My school is my life.  I met my husband at my school when I welcomed him and mentored him.  I have been the Lead Mentor for over ten years, helping all of the new teachers get their career started at our school.  I have such a great program, my husband ended up marrying me!  We bought a house in the neighborhood and had a son.  My son goes to our school, so we all are together every day.  I love juggling being a kindergarten teacher, wife, and room mom all at the same time!

I have taught kindergarten, first grade, and second grade, as well as being a technology resource teacher.  I began my career as a government contractor in Washington, D.C., doing educational outreach, after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I quickly learned that a desk job was not for me!  I was so happy to get my first job in teaching, and I have had fun going to work every day since that first day.  I have been busy designing curriculum, training all of the new first and second grade teachers in my county, serving as Lead Mentor, Science Lead, Team Leader, and Technology Lead through the years.  I was nominated for The Washington Post Teacher of the Year Award in 2003.  I also earned my M.Ed. from George Mason University to help me be a better reading and writing teacher for my students.

People always ask me how my class is so well behaved, engaged, and makes so much academic and behavioral progress.  We play, sing, craft, and have FUN while we work hard.  That's how!  After much encouragement from my husband and teammates at school, I took the plunge and started Simply SMARTER by Laurie Dyer on Teachers Pay Teachers in 2016.  It has been an exciting adventure, and I was highlighted in the TpT newsletter TWICE in my first year.  You can grab one of the featured NO PREP freebies to use in your classroom right now.  Enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!  If you have any questions, please email me at  I would love to hear from you.

Make sure to check out my blog regularly and check out my TpT store, which is filled with over 800 fun, interactive, and LOW PREP activities.  Let's all have FUN together while I give you your time back!

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